Discover How do rookies or average producers achieve COT, TOT in less than a year?

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Wednesday, 30th June 2021
2:00PM to 6:00PM (Singapore Time)


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Dear Advisor,

The myth… only top 1% can achieve COT or TOT after years of practice.

That’s false.

What if we told you that majority of rookies or average producers that came to us have managed to achieve COT, TOT in less than a year?

Some of our advisors have successfully become top 1% in the industry, with or without the restrictions in place.

Here are some case studies…

Etak Chen

Lifetime MDRT Qualifier with Prudential.

Achieved COT 7 times on her own.

After attending Lusi Group training, achieved TOT for the first time in 2019.

Wilfred Ling 

Before Lusi Group Training only achieved 1 MDRT in 13 years.

Achieved First Court of the Table After Attending Lusi Group Training.

Patsy Khoo

Zero sales experience before Lusi Group training.
After attending Lusi Group training, managed to clear 2 times MDRT in 6 months.

Cleared COT in the second year and TOT in her third year.

Kevin Goh

Managed to clear his 1st TOT in 2020 after 5 years of MDRT.

Team size and production has increased up to 100% for the past 2 years.

In 2020, his agency created 10 MDRT qualifiers which is the highest record.

Is it pure luck or they did something different from most others?

If you are a producer who “dreams” of hitting your achievement this year, this is the BEST time for you to work towards that.

If not… you may have to stick around for the next 5 years, with the same achievement and production.

Otherwise, listen carefully.
  • Yes, even with limitations and restrictions in place you still can achieve COT or TOT this year.
  • Yes, there’s a way to increase your case size without sounding “pushy”.
  • Yes, you can shorten your sales cycle and close more cases at your first appointment.

In fact, 100% of our graduates learnt the art of closing on the spot after our class.

Which is why Lusi Group like to invite you today, to an exclusive, always sold-out event …


Topic: How do rookies or average producers achieve COT, TOT in less than a year?

Speaker: Chief Coach, Lusi Lim
Lusi was once like you and she rose from a junior sales consultant to become the youngest and first female COO of a multinational investment company many years ago.
She was called the LEGEND due to her track record of being both Global No. 1 sales producer and No.1 sales leader. Her personal income from sales alone was more than $1 million a month.

10 years ago, she decided to pursue her life passion and started Lusi Group as a retirement career.

Our mission is to help thousands of sales professionals to be well respected and highly regarded by prospects and clients, while enjoying a well-balanced life.

With safety measures and approval in place, we will be holding a closed door seminar where we will cover:

How to beat your own “limiting beliefs”?

How to increase your case size without sounding “pushy”?

How to shorten your sales cycle and close more cases at your first appointment?

Before Q3 kicks in…
Take action now.

 Wednesday, 30th June 2021

 2 - 4pm (Seminar) 
4 - 6pm (Q&A with coaches)
(Please arrive at 130pm for registration)

 Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild (SPGG)
1010 Dover Road
Singapore 139658
Grand ballroom, level 3
(Enter via Gate 4 only)

 Ticket Price: $38 
(Only 49 Slots Available)

What Will Happen If You Do Not Join The Class?

Nothing will happen.

Life will be the same and everything will go on as usual.

The only difference is when you decide to take action to learn, you will learn the wisdom and strategies and how average producers achieve Court of the Table, Top of the Table and more.

Most attendees that came and attended our $38 masterclass will agree that it is worth their time.

What you need is not hard work but smart work to get to the goals that you want.

Are you ready for your transformational experience for only $38?

We leave it to you to decide.

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